The Meaning Of The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye Meaning

The Evil Eye ūüßŅ is a well recognised symbol around the world. As it goes, there's deep meaning and history behind it.

We would like to cover all you need to know, by answering the below questions for you within this article:

  • What Is The Evil Eye?
  • Who Believes In The Evil Eye?
  • How Can I Have Evil Eye¬†Protection?
  • Why Do People Believe In The Evil Eye?
  • The History Of The Evil Eye?
  • Evil Eye Jewellery

ūüßŅ¬†What Is The Evil Eye?¬†

The popular phenomenon of the evil eye is legendary in status, and dates far back to the Ancient Greek and Roman era. 

An evil eye is said to come as a result of envy of another, and that receiving such an evil glare will impart a supernatural force that will undo your good fortune.  

It originates from the general belief that if someone achieves success or good fortune, that is generally attracts the envy of others - a very natural and instinctive human reaction. 

There is clear distinction between the evil eye, which is the curse itself, and and an evil eye symbol (sometimes referred to as Nazar) which dispels the curse. 

ūüßŅ¬†Who Believes In The Evil Eye?

For thousands of years the curse of the evil eye has not only spanned generations, but the ancient belief in the evil eye spans far and wide across many different cultures, namely West Asia and the Mediterranean. You will likely find common use of the symbol in Greece, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Armenia, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Naples, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Spain, Mexico Romania, Syria - and that's just to name a few - and have become a popular souvenir choice for tourists visiting these destinations. 

References to the evil eye can also be seen in the Bible and the Quran - where different religions offer their own interpretations of the belief. 

To bring this concept closer to the modern day, for around the last 10 years or so, the evil eye has made it into the fashion world, and has really become a popular symbol for many. It's been seen on the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle and Gigi Hadid. 

As we can see, the belief in the evil eye transcends cultural, geographical and  religious borders, which is really quite interesting. 

ūüßŅ¬†How Can I Have Evil Eye Protection?

Apotropaic (in other words averting evil) symbols are believed to hold the power to deter evil influences or bad luck. As such, talismans and amulets have since been created to cast back such malevolent glares back upon those who wish harm upon others, and therefore forming an invisible layer of protection on yourself. 

Many people choose to have protection from the evil eyes of others, and some choose to wear their evil eye symbol in the form of a jewellery, such as an evil eye pendant, necklace or evil eye charm held on a bracelet. Others might choose to display an evil eye symbol in their home, in the entrance of their home or in their car. 

It's believed that by having such protection from evil eyes, that your good fortune and luck will be protected. 

ūüßŅ¬†Why Do People Believe In The Evil Eye?

There aren't many symbols as widely recognisable as the evil eye. At almost every stage of human history (as far as we can record, more information below), the evil eye symbol has been called on to protect good fortune. Over the course of human history, man has been known to source magic symbols and objects to defy evil forces - and the evil eye has remained long-standing throughout history. 

The light blue colour is reminiscent of the colour of the sky, symbolising truth - and by way of protection many choose to gift an evil eye symbol for many traditions where good fortune may be required, such as births, housewarmings, new business or even new expensive purchases. 

As such, perhaps due to the longstanding tradition and belief in the evil eye, many cultures believe that the supernatural force of an evil eye requires protection, to avoid evil eyes wishing harm upon them and causing them bad fortune. 

After all, eyes are probably the most symbolic and sensory organ. They can represent a myriad of emotion and thought - a true gateway into someone's conscience. Whether they be light in thought, or dark. 

ūüßŅ¬†The History of the Evil Eye¬†

As far as we know, it's believed the first recording of the evil eye was 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia (Iraq), interestingly on clay in cuneiform. Cuneiform existed around 3500-3000 BCE and was the system of writing developed by the earliest known form of civilisation (ancient Sumerians). Amoung the many contributions they made, it's fascinating to know that the evil eye was also founded during this time. It may have even originated during the late stone age. The evil eye was also widely known to be an apotropaic symbol widely used on drinking vessels in Greek Classical antiquity, dating back to 6th century BC.

As well as¬†the evil eye symbol being used in almost every country, there is reference in all religions, including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity, Hinduism and Atheism.¬†The significance of the evil eye, and its concept vary amongst different cultures.¬†Mention of the concept¬†appears several times in translations of the Old Testament.¬†This quote from¬†the bible makes reference to the ancient belief;¬†‚ÄúIf, however, your¬†Eye is Evil, your entire body will be full of darkness‚ÄĚ (Matt 6:22-23).¬†

It has historically been a widely known belief across many of the Asian and Mediterranean cultures. Charms and decorations with eye-like symbols (also known known as nazars), have been used to avoid bad luck. 

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